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Community Life

Arenas & Other Facilities

The Community Services & Recreation Department offers a variety of recreation facilities


Please click here to see a calendar for the Arenas

Please contact Kelli Stapley at 705-696-2252 to make a booking.

Campbellford/Seymour Arena, 313 County Rd 38,
Percy/Warkworth Arena, 24 East Street, 705-924-2471


Other Facilities
Outdoor Swimming Pool, 21 Ranney Street N, Campbellford
YMCA Swimming Programs
- Swimming Lessons
- Preschool
- Junior Lifeguard
- Bronze Medallion
- Bronze Cross
- Aquafit
- Parents & tots

Skateboarding - New Skateparks in Campbellford & Warkworth
Lawnbowling - Trent Drive, Campbellford
Beach Volleyball - Fowlds Millenium Park, Hastings

Sports Fields
Campbellford Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Football
Warkworth Soccer, Baseball, Basketball
Hastings Soccer, Baseball, Basketball
Trent River - Baseball 

 For further information contact
Peter Burnett, Community Recreation Officer

Campbellford swimming pool - Photo by Michel Proulx

Baseball - Photo by Michel Proulx

Soccer in Trent Hills