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Economic Development

Economic Development

Downtown Campbellford - Photo by Jennifer GibsonChris Luzzi, Luzzi's Valumart, Hastings - Photo by Primitive PicturesWarkworth gallery - Photo by Bob Leahy 

The Municipality of Trent's mandate is to foster, promote and support economic development initiatives at the direction of Council and the community.

These initiatives equally address the divergent needs of each Trent Hills community: from heritage development in Campbellford, to waterfront enhancements in Hastings, and cultural opportunities and main street improvements in Warkworth. Trent Hills is blessed with a number of outstanding assets including an abundance of natural resources, picturesque, rural landscapes, ample business services, and a rich cultural heritage. Because of these great assets, Trent Hills is increasingly becoming known as a valued location for new and well-known industry to locate, and offers endless opportunities for families, businesses and entrepreneurs to excel and prosper.

For information or assistance please contact:
Kira Mees, Community Development Officer 

705-653-1900 ext 239

The Campbellford Town Square and improvements to the Campbellford Seymour Heritage Centre and Barn were made possible by the financial support from the Community Infrastructure Program

Community Infrastructure Program