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    Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions at the Municipal Office 

    1. When will my road or sidewalk be plowed?
    For winter control, roadways are classified and prioritized in the following order - 1) Urban Centre Emergency Route & Main Roads; 2) Rural Districts Main Roads; 3) Urban Centres Back roads; 4) Rural District Back Roads/Low Volume Roads; 5) Sidewalks; 6) Parking Lots/Lanes. Emergency Routes are done first, then roads based on class or volume of traffic, followed by sidewalks and parking lots.  For more information please review the Trent Hills Winter Control Quality Standard.

    2. Why was my garbage or recycling not picked up?
    If a sticker was not placed on your waste bag explaining why it was not picked up, contact the County Waste HotLine at 1-866-293-8379.

    3. My streetlight is out.  When will it be fixed?
    Report streetlights that are out or flickering to the office at 653-1900 ext 228 or complete the Streetlight Report Form online.  Make sure you provide the pole # or the exact location (i.e. opposite 66 Front St.).  If leaving a message, provide your phone # in case there are questions. A work order is faxed from the office to the electrical contractor for repair.

    4. When is the deadline for obtaining my dog tag?
    Dog tags are due Jan 1st of each year.  After March 31st, a late payment fee is imposed.  Failure to buy a tag for your dog could result in a set fine of $105.00 + costs.   Link to the By-law Enforcement Page for a list of locations where dog tags can be purchased.

    5. When are my taxes due?  How can I pay them? Can I get a receipt?
    Taxes are due in four installments - February, April, June and September.
    They can be paid in person or by mail to the office, directly at a financial institution or bank machine, pre-authorized payment plan, budget plan or by internet or telephone banking.  Receipts are available.  For further details visit the Finance & Tax Page or contact the office at 653-1900 ext 230 or ext 223 or ext 231.

    6. I have no water?  I have discoloured water ?  I smell my sewer backing up in my basement?
    During normal office hours call the office at 653-1900 ext 228.  A work order will be issued to department staff to attend your location.  In case of emergency or after hours, call 653-2610.  You can also visit the Wastewater Page for more information.

    7. Is there ice time available in the Arena?
    To book ice time or inquire about rentals call the office at 653-1900 ext 238 or visit the Licenses & Permit Page for a Facility Rental Form & Rental Fees.  Rentals include arenas, auditoriums, gazebos, picnic shelter, parks, soccer fields.

    8. How can I get my Bulky Waste Voucher?
    There are changes in 2009 affecting Bulky Waste Vouchers.  The County is responsible for them and will be mailing out vouchers to eligible residential property owners.  For questions, call 1-866-293-8379 or visit the Northumberland County Waste & Recycling Website.

    9. When is leaf pickup?  Christmas tree pickup?
    Seasonal services such as leaf pickup and Christmas tree pickup will be advertised in the local newspaper (Community Press - Page 3).  If you have questions, call the office at 653-1900 ext 228 or ext 238.

    10.  Do I need a Building Permit?
    It is law to obtain a permit to make material alterations, additions or repairs to a building; construct any new building or structure; install new plumbing; install a fireplace or woodstove; demolish a building or any part thereof; renovate or convert an existing building; and install any type of swimming pool.  Link to the Licenses & Permits Page for a building permit and related fees or visit the Municipal Office.  If you have questions, contact 653-1900 ext 242 or 226.