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Municipal Strategic Plan

Municipality of Trent Hills Strategic Plan

The Municipality of Trent Hills completed a strategic planning process in the Spring of 2012.  This exercise was facilitated by Queen's University Executive Decision Centre and was based on input and consultations from the community, municipal staff and Council.  The outcome of this planning process is a dynamic 5 year strategic plan that reflects that needs and wants of the Trent Hills community and is shaping the Municipality for the future. 

Below is a summary of the vision, mission, priorities and values of the Municipality and the full version of the strategic plan is available here:   2012-2017 Municipality of Trent Hills Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Summary


Trent Hills is a vibrant and diverse community offering an inclusive, healthy rural lifestyle for its residents, businesses and visitors.  Our unique urban centres and rural communities of Trent Hills are united by a shared heritage, rich cultural fabric, picturesque landscape, vision, and pride in community.   This reputation has been earned because of the following: 

  • Excellent quality of life:  Safe, accepting and affordable community, rural and historical character, open parks and green spaces, natural attractions and beauty.
  • Vibrant downtowns: Attractive and prosperous urban centres with a variety of retailers and cultural facilities
  • An engaged and informed citizenry:  Active participation of residents and businesses in public meetings, volunteer groups and organizations.
  • Financial sustainability with solid infrastructure.   Stable and affordable tax rates that meet our operating and capital needs. Infrastructure is in excellent shape with a sustainable maintenance plan in place.  There are reserves in place, manageable debt, and long-term infrastructure renewal plans.
  • Continued enhancements to our Recreation facilities.   There is a shovel ready plan for our recreation centre(s) redevelopment.
  • Informed and engaged Council and employee base
  • Business & employment growth.   Business acquisition, retention and expansion plans have resulted in increased employment opportunities for a growing population.    Key industry sectors are supported including agriculture, health and wellness, manufacturing and retail.

To be a leader in the services provided to our residents, businesses and visitors. Specifically, we will provide:

  • Exceptional customer service that supports the further development of the unique communities of Trent Hills;

  • Affordable local services that meet the needs and expectations of our citizens now and in the future.

Priorities over next three years

  • Communications strategy both internally and externally.

  • Long term capital and operational financial plans that encapsulate all master plans, studies, infrastructure and community needs.

  • Business growth via attraction, retention, expansion (includes community marketing, tourism, agriculture, downtown development and business park)

  • Improve level of customer service provided in all departments.

  • Planning and implementation for new and redeveloped recreation facilities.

  • Staffing stability and succession plan.

  • Bridge - EA complete, decision made.

1. Respect
2. Collaboration
3. Innovation
4. Fiscal responsibility and accountability
5. Listen and understand
6. Integrity
7. Effective communication