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Trent Hills Cultural Plan

Warkworth Memorial Hall, photo by Mary Weilandtyouth musician performance, photo by Paul DalbyMemorial Military Museum, photo by Michel Proulx

What is Culture in Trent Hills?
Culture includes traditional forms of individual and collective expression.  It encompasses ways of living together, value systems, traditions and beliefs. Culture arises from the unique natural setting and is embedded in the three historic urban centres of Trent Hills and in the rural land in between.
Trent Hills culture is food, the natural environment, heritage, the Trent Severn Waterway, celebrations and gatherings, the arts, agriculture....culture is a lifestyle.

Cultural Planning
The recently completed Trent Hills Cultural Plan is a strategic document for the Municipality of Trent Hills and its partners that identify municipal and community priorities for strengthening the arts and cultural sector and elevating its role in sustainable community building.  The Plan aims to encourage a shared cultural vision in Trent Hills and provide a set of guiding principles and actions that ensures Trent Hills reaches its greatest potential as a culturally rich and creative community.

Implementation Progress:
Community Cultural Partnership Formation
Inventory of Facilities for Cultural Events & Gatherings


Trent Hills Cultural Plan
April 5, 2011

Cultural Planning - The Trent Hills Experience,
Ontario East Municipal Conference - Sept 14, 2011



Novita Interpares Inc.
to provide guidance with development of the Plan

Creative City Network of Canada
Municipal Cultural Planning Partnership
Ontario Ministry of Culture