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Welcome to Energy Management in the Municipality of Trent Hills!

Successful Energy Management can have many positive effects on the environment and the community. Saving energy means preserving the environment and very often coincides with saving money. A reduction in energy consumption in Municipal facilities results in monetary savings and enables the municipality to reinvest in projects that will make facilities more energy and environmentally efficient.

The Municipality of Trent Hills has developed an Energy Management Working Group designed to oversee energy efficient retrofits, track electricity, natural gas, and water consumption in municipal facilities, and propose policy and procedure changes that can result in a reduction in energy costs and consumption. It is important to know that what you do not track you can not manage.  The working group is comprised of a variety of municipal staff and council members - which ensures a variety of experience, ideas and opinions. Having municipal resources devoted to energy management and conservation allows for the implementation of energy and cost saving measures as well as the initiation of programs that other municipalities throughout the province participate in.

Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan (please click here to download)

Initiatives of the Energy Management Working Group and municipal employees include:

  • A Municipal Energy Management Policy, available here.
  • Bulk purchasing of electricity for municipal facilities with an expected cost savings of 35%
  • Municipal copy paper reduction through the use of digital agendas, newsletters, memos, and policies
  • Programmable thermostats to control temperature and comfort level in the Municipal Office
  • LED lighting in Old Mill Park
  • In depth tracking of energy use in each municipal facility
  • Energy Audits of Municipal facilities and applying for government grants and rebates to receive funding for energy efficient retrofits in municipal facilities.
  • Downsizing 40 gallon hot water tanks in the Municipal Office to more efficient and practical 6 gallon tanks.

If you have any energy savings tips, tricks, or questions please feel free to contact the Municipality of Trent Hills.

Claude Sevigny - Chief Building Official