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Municipal Services and Council

Municipal Administration

Campbellford Library - Photo by Michel ProulxTrent Hills Farm - Danielle PalmerHastings Lock - Photo by Michel Proulx

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

The CAO provides for the coordination, administration and direction of all the affairs of the Corporation of the Municipality of Trent Hills.

For further information or assistance please contact:

Lynn Phillips, CAO
705-653-1900 ext 241

Clerk's Office

The Municipal Clerk is responsible for recording, without note or comment, all resolutions, decisions and other proceedings of the Council. The Clerk is required to keep records of all by-laws and the minutes of Council.

The Municipal Clerk is a Statutory Officer of the Corporation and is assigned duties by various Provincial Statutes, including the Municipal Act, the Municipal Elections Act, the Planning Act, the Local Improvement Act, the Ontario Heritage Act and the Vital Statistics Act. Duties include issuing marriage licenses, the registration of births and deaths, issuing lottery licenses, and processing insurance claims for the Corporation of the Municipality of Trent Hills. 

The Clerk is the Returning Officer for municipal elections and is also responsible for the management and maintenance of Municipal-owned property and buildings, coordination of energy and conservation. The Municipal Clerk and the Mayor are the signing officers for the Corporation of the Municipality of Trent Hills.

For further information and assistance please contact:

Doug Irwin, Director of Legislative Services/Clerk
705-653-1900 ext. 240