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Public Works

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the effective and efficient planning, engineering, maintenance, rehabilitation and operation of the municipal road system, solid waste management services, water and wastewater services, storm water management, fleet management.

The annual operation budget of the Public Works Department is approximately $7.7 million, derived from a number of sources including user fees and utility rates. 

The Public Works Department has a work force that fluctuates between 28 to 38 staff, depending on the time of year.

Our goal is to provide excellent service to our residents in all areas and to maintain our municipality as a clean and attractive place to live and work.  The Public Works Department aims to provide quality, cost efficient services to meet the expectations of our residents.


 Roads Rural


 Urban Roads / Wastewater


Local Improvements & Municipal Servicing Shoulder Grading and Road GradingMain maintenance
broken service water odour/colour
Lateral maintenance Equipment preventative maintenance
Infrastructure Salting/Sanding Environmental Audits & Inspections Storm drainage and catch basin maintenance Equipment servicing and repairs
Budget Snow Plowing Hydrant Flushing and maintenanceManhole covers maintenance and repairs Vehicle Inspections
Staff Reports Ditching Water Service InstallationsWastewater distributionVehicle certification
Tenders Sign Installation/Replacement Leak detection Discharges of wastewater  
Incident/Accident Reports Bridge Rehabilitation Water system engineering & construction Sewer locates  

Entrance Permits




Water disconnects and reconnects



Road cuts & Locates Dust Control Water meter reading and meter problems Wastewater system engineering & construction  


Inventory - Fuel, FleetGrass mowing of shoulders Water locates Wastewater Treatment  


Vehicle LicensingCulverts Water samplingHauled Septage  
Liaison with Council Snow fencing  Maintain DWQMSSite decommissioning  
 Entrance Permits  Leak InvestigationEnvironmental Audits & Inspections  
 Road Cuts  Treatment FacilitiesDumping Waste Material on private property  
 Roadway Engineering and Construction  Pumping station operations  
 Trees on Municipal Property   Spring Clean-Up Trees on Municipal Property Christmas Tree Pick-Up  
 Litter and Debris Pick-Up  Salting/Sanding Snow Plowing Patching Sidewalks and curb repairs Line Painting 
 Road Maintenance and Construction  Street Lights Christmas Lights/Showcase of Lights Special Events and Banner Installation  
   Street Sweeping