Minor Variance Application A02/2019, Dale and Margaret Loucks

Posted On Friday October 25, 2019

Minor Variance Application A02/2019

13 Loucks road / 45 Loucks Road, former Township of Seymour

Minor Variance Application A02/2019 will permit the expansion of an existing livestock facility / dairy operation on the subject lands, with a reduced setback to the adjacent residential dwelling to the south west. The applicant proposes to remove an existing structure and replace it with a new 236’ x 72’ milking facility.  In accordance with OMAFRA / Minimum Distance Separation II (MDS II), a minimum setback of 325 feet was identified (as measured from the closest edge of the proposed livestock facility expansion, to the closest edge of the adjacent residential dwelling).  The application proposes to reduce the required setback from 325 feet to approximately 200 feet.

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