Rezoning Application C21/2019, Northumberland Summer Resorts

Posted On Monday November 25, 2019

Rezoning Application C21/2019

Concession 3, Part Lot 7, Block 42, Registered Plan 605, Hillside Drive / Riverside Boulevard, Meyers Island, former Township of Seymour

The purpose of the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment is to recognize the creation of four new parcels, being the severed portions of Severance Consent B30/2019 (approximately 3.46 acres), B31/2019 (approximately 3.81 acres), B32/2019 (approximately 4.42 acres) and B33/2019 (approximately 4.15 acres). The current zoning of the subject lands is Rural, Environmental Protection and Environmentally Sensitive. The proposed zoning for the severed and retained portions will be Special Rural Residential, Environmental Protection and Environmentally Sensitive. All Environmental Protection and Environmentally Sensitive Zoning will remain in place.  This application is filed in conjunction with Severance Consent Applications B30/2019, B31/2019, B32/2019, and B33/2019.

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