Zoning Amendment Application C29/2022 - Don Laver / Brent Laver

Posted On Tuesday September 20, 2022

Notice of Public Meeting - October 4, 2022

Zoning Amendment Application C29/2022 - Don Laver / Brent Laver

14075 County Road 29, Concession 3, Part Lot 20, Part 2 of RD150, geographic Township of Percy

Subsequent to Severance Consent Application B43/2022, the purpose and effect of the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment is to recognize the creation of One (1) new parcel, being approximately 1.01 hectares (2.5 acres). The current zoning of the subject lands is Agricultural. The proposed zoning for Severance Consent Application B43/2022 will be Rural Residential (RR). The proposed zoning for the retained portion, being approximately 16.33 hectares (40.36 acres) of vacant land will be Agricultural Exception (A-XX), in which no residential development will be a permitted use for this parcel of land.

The initial Public Hearing / Public Meeting is held in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Act. The purpose of the meeting is for Council Members to formally hear and receive public and agency comments. The intent of this statutory Public Hearing / Public Meeting is to receive public feedback and incorporate it into a recommendation report from Staff. No decision will be made during this meeting.

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