Planning Services is pleased to announce that general inquiries are now being accepted online. The Development Inquiry Form will standardize inquiry submissions received by the Municipality to ensure prompt responses for property-specific information.

Please note, property inquiries are assessed in the order which they are received and are also subject to staffing availability with respect to priority work assignments. While staff will make all efforts to respond promptly, in order to conduct the necessary research to provide accurate information, a response may not be available for up to 7 business days.

Including the Assessment Roll Number with your request will improve the response time of your submission. If you do not know the roll number, you can use the interactive mapping on the Municipal website to locate. Once you reach the map, please turn on the “parcel” and “roll number” layers and zoom in to the subject property until you see the roll number appear or ‘search an address’ at the top of the screen. The roll number is a 19 digit number that is displayed in grey text.

Please complete the Development Inquiry Form to assist Planning Services staff in providing you with a timely and accurate response regarding your inquiry. Staff will provide relevant preliminary information and details on process for initiating an application under the Planning Act for any of the items outlined below:

Official Plan Amendment                                      Zoning By-law Amendment

Site Plan Control                                                       Minor Variance

Plan of Subdivision/Condominium; and/or Consent/Severance Application

To find current zoning and permitted uses on your property:

Use the Map Index to locate your property, and the Map Legend will provide details for using the maps. Finally, use the Municipal Comprehensive Zoning By-Law Schedules to see the current zoning of your property.

You can view the Permitted Uses and Activities and Provisions for Residential Uses and Non-residential Uses or read the full Zoning By-Law to determine the permitted uses and other zoning requirements for your property.

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