Dog Licences

Trent Hills requires all dog to be licensed. Licences must be purchased each year per the Dog Licensing By-law.

How to license your dog

The Municipality of Trent Hills has partnered with DocuPet Inc. to provide an enhanced licensing experience.

You can purchase your dog licence:

  • Online
  • On the phone by calling 1-855-249-1370
  • In person at the Municipal Office
  • By mail to the Municipal Office:

Visit our DocuPet website to learn more about pet licensing in Trent Hills.


Trent Hills offers a yearly (365 day) license at the following rates:



For one (1) Altered (spayed or neutered) dog


For one (1) Unaltered (male or female) dog


All active Lifetime Dog Tags previously issued by the Municipality will be honoured until:

  • the dog dies
  • the dog owner changes
  • or the owner chooses to purchase a yearly license
Special licensing requirements

For Canine Service Animals, Police Working Dogs and Livestock Guardian Dogs, please contact us for licensing requirements.

Dog Licensing Refund Policy

Dog Kennels

Trent Hills requires dog kennel operators to license their kennels each year per our Kennel By-law.

You can submit a Kennel Licence Application online, if you meet the requirements of the Kennel By-law.

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