Building permits and planning applications
 Find the building permit and planning applications for your next project or renovation.
 Burn permits
 Apply for a burn permit for your next open-air fire.
 Business licences
 Find the business licences required for your door-to-door sales, refreshment vehicles and taxis
 Certificate requests
 Make a certificate request for the Mayor to recognize your special occasion or event
Development Charges

Development Charges are adjusted annually on the 1st of January by the Statistics Canada Quarterly Construction Price Index, Non-Residential construction. 

Please contact our office to confirm the current Development Charges.

Development Charges By-Law

 Dog tags and kennels

All new dog owners and new residents who own a dog must license their dog(s) within 15 days. Learn more about dog tags and kennel licences in our community 

e-Billing Enrolment

e-Billing is available for Tax and Water/Sewer accounts.

Enrol in e-Billing

 Event hosting
 Apply for the required event hosting permits for your next event in Trent Hills.
 Facility rentals

 Visit our facilities booking page

Hastings Hydro Reserve Fund application

Complete a funding application to be considered for funding from the Hastings Hydro Reserve Fund.

Lottery Licences

Please see our new Lottery Licences page



Couples should make sure they meet all Provincial requirements for marriage in Ontario before applying. 

Couples who are getting married in Ontario need to download and complete a Marriage Licence Application. The completed application can be emailed to 

After reviewing your application, staff will contact you to make an appointment to obtain your marriage licence.


When you visit the office, you will need to bring the following documentation:

  • The Marriage Licence Application which will need to be signed and dated by both partners. If only 1 partner is attending, the other partner will need to have signed the form at home
  • 2 pieces of government issued identification for each partner. 1 piece of identification must include your photo. If 1 partner is not attending, you are still required to bring their identification. Examples of government issued identification:
    • government issued birth certificate, including any change of name certificates
    • valid passport
    • record of immigrant landing
    • Canadian Citizenship Card
    • valid driver's licence
    • valid Ontario Photo card
  • If either partner has been divorced, we require an original certificate of divorce to be brought to the office. A divorce order will not suffice
  • Payment method for the fee for the Marriage Licence

Civil Marriages

Mr. Wendell E. White has been appointed to perform civil marriage solemnization services within the boundaries of Trent Hills.

Couples wishing to have a civil marriage service are to contact Mr. White directly at 613-473-1517 or by e-mail.

 Road and entrance permits
 Find the road and entrance permits you need, including:
  • Entrance permits
  • Road cut permits
  • Road occupancy permits
  • 911 sign permit
  • Temporary road closure
  • Close a municipal road allowance
 Sign permits
 Complete our sign permit application and include:
  • A site plan that shows the street line and boundaries of the lot and the sign’s location in relation to buildings on the property
  • Plans and specifications for the sign and its supporting framework
  • Property plans if the sign will be on top of a building
  • Consent from the property owner


View our Sign By-law for more information.
Swimming Pool Permit

Please consult the background information below prior to completing the Swimming Pool Permit Application

Example of required site plan 

Excerpt from the Municipality of Trent Hills Zoning By-Law 2010-105

Accessory Buildings, Structures and Uses

5.1 m) Outside Swimming Pools

Notwithstanding the yard provisions of this By-law to the contrary, an outdoor swimming pool shall be permitted in any residential zone, in the interior and rear yard of a lot provided that:

i) swimming pool and apron shall not be situated within 1.2 metres of the side lot line, rear lot line or the principal or main building on the lot;

ii) any building or structure required for changing clothing or pumping or filtering facilities or other accessory uses, shall be in accordance with the provisions applicable to accessory buildings as outlined in section 5.1;

iii) the maximum area covered by an outdoor swimming pool shall not exceed 15 percent of the total lot area; and,

iv) the outdoor swimming pool shall comply with the provisions of any regulatory By-laws of the Corporation governing the establishment of swimming pools.


Pool and Pool Enclosures By-Law

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