Property taxes are the main source of revenue to provide services delivered by the Municipality of Trent Hills.  In addition to collecting taxes for its own purposes, the municipality is also responsible for levying and collecting taxes on behalf of the County of Northumberland as well as the Province of Ontario.

If you have not received your tax bill by the 15th of February (Interim Tax Notice) or the 15th of June (Final Tax Notice), please contact our office at 705-653-1900.

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Mailing Address Change for Tax Account

To update the mailing address for your Tax Account, please complete the Online Address Change Form.

You will also need to update your mailing address with MPAC.

As a property owner, you will receive notices from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) about your property's assessed value.

Visit to change your mailing address online.

Municipal Property Assessment Corporation  (MPAC) Information

Assessment Update Postponement 

Application for Direction of School Support

 Interim and Final Tax Due Dates

Property owners typically receive two tax bills from the Municipality each year.

Interim tax bills represent fifty percent (50%) of the previous year’s total taxes and are due on the last day of the month in February and April.

Final tax bills represent the balance of the annual year’s taxes and are due on the last day of June and September. 

If the last day of the month falls on a weekend, the due date will be the last business day, prior to the last day of the month.

 Supplementary Tax Bills

Supplementary tax bills are generated as a result of a change to your property during the taxation year.

These changes can include, but are not limited to: new residential homes, new commercial, residential or multi-residential units, changes in tax classes, additions or renovations to buildings and previously exempt properties that become taxable.

These bills follow the Property Assessment Change Notice issued by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). 

MPAC is responsible for assessing the properties and forwarding the information to the Municipality for billing.

In some cases, these bills can span more than one year depending on the information gathered by MPAC.

Supplementary tax bills are in addition to any other tax bills that have been issued. 

Each bill includes the effective date and reason for change.  They are due in one instalment and notice is provided at least 21 days before the payment is due.


e-Billing is when you receive an electronic version of your bill instead of a paper bill. Your e-Bill includes the exact same information as your paper bill, and can be viewed or downloaded in a PDF format.

e-Billing has many convenient features and benefits:

  • You receive an email notification containing an attachment of your bill.
  • You are able to see your bill faster than if it were sent via regular mail.
  • You can save or print a PDF version of your bill.
  • You are reducing clutter and paper waste.

Enrol in e-Billing

 Payment Options
 Pre-Authorized Debit Payments

Complete and submit the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PAP) Application/Agreement to have your property taxes automatically debited from your bank account.  

The Municipality of Trent Hills has two (2) Pre-Authorized Payment Plans for taxes for your convenience.

Due Date Plan

This Plan authorizes tax installment amounts to be withdrawn on specified tax due dates.  Enrolment may begin at any time however, taxes must be paid up to date prior to the first deduction.

Monthly Plan

This Plan authorizes twelve monthly withdrawals on the 30th of each month, January to December of each year.  The February withdrawal occurs on the 28th of each year.


January to May withdrawals are based on prior year taxes divided by twelve.


Prior year



of Months



Amount Paid

January to May

$ 2,400


$ 200

$ 1,000

June to December withdrawals are based on current year taxes, less payments made from January to May.


Current Year Taxes

Amount Paid

January to May

Amount remaining for the Current Year Taxes

Number of Months


Monthly Amount 

Amount Paid June to December

Total Amount Paid for the Year

$ 2,700

$ 1,000

$ 1,700



$ 1,700

$ 2,700

 Internet/Telephone Banking

Internet and Telephone Banking are available through most major Financial Institutions. 

For property tax payments, search for the payee name containing "Trent Hills" and then select "property taxes".

Your account number is your property tax roll number and must begin with 1435 and end with 0000.  The account number must be a total of 19 characters in length. 

 Financial Institutions

Tax payments can be made directly at most financial institutions and banking machines.

Payments should be made at least 3 to 4 business days in advance of the property tax due date in order to ensure the payments reach our office by the due date. 

 In Person

You can pay your taxes in person at the Municipal Office at 66 Front Street South, Campbellford. 

  • Office hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. 
  • Cash, cheque and debit card (interac) are available. Credit cards are not accepted. 

A secure after hours drop box is located at the main door of the Municipal Office for your convenience.


Send cheques to:

Municipality of Trent Hills

PO Box 1030

Campbellford, ON, K0L 1L0

  • Post-dated cheques are also accepted.
  • You must enclose your tax payment stub with your cheque.
  • Your property roll number should be written on the back of your cheque.


Tax Department Fees
Tax Certificate $50
Tax Statement of Account $25
Returned Items (Returned Cheque, Non Sufficient Funds, Stop Payment, etc.) $35

Property Tax Confirmation Letter for multi-year requests-fee for each year required

(2005 to current year)

Tax Registration/Sale Admin Fee  $500
Tax Registration/Sale Fees - External costs incurred by the Municipality Full Cost Recovery
Tax Extension Agreement  $250
 Tax Rates

2023 Tax Rates

2022 Tax Rates

2021 Tax Rates

2020 Tax Rates

2019 Tax Rates

2018 Tax Rates


 Sale of Land by Public Tender

Results of Sale of Land by Public Tender-August 17, 2023 




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