Ward Boundary & Council Composition Review

The Municipality of Trent Hills has engaged Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. and Dr. Robert J. Williams to conduct a comprehensive Ward Boundary and Council Composition Review over the next few months.

Trent Hills’ Ward Boundaries have not been reviewed since amalgamation in 2001.

Council of the Municipality of Trent Hills is comprised of the Mayor and six Councillors.

Currently, six Councillors are elected to represent the three wards.

  • three Councillors are elected for Ward 1 - the former Municipality of Campbellford/Seymour
  • two Councillors are elected for Ward 2 - the former Township of Percy
  • one Councillor is elected for Ward 3 - the former Village of Hastings

Council chooses one of the ward Councillors to be Deputy Mayor. Current Ward Boundaries for Trent Hills

The Review will focus on effective and impartial electoral arrangements for the 2022 municipal election and beyond.

Options may include:

  • elimination of wards
  • a new structure where the wards each elect an equal number of Councillors
  • changing the selection of the Deputy Mayor to an elected position instead of Council choosing

The Review will begin by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the existing ward system as the basis for developing alternative systems of representation that will be presented to the residents of Trent Hills in a consultation process.

January 27, 2020 Public Information Session Materials


An Interim Report on Phase 1 of the Review will be presented to Council in March/April 2020.  Watch the Council Agendas for the Interim Report.

Based on the results of the consultation process and the technical analysis conducted by the consultant team (such as population projections for the municipality), recommended alternative ward boundaries, and possible Council composition changes, will be presented to Council for approval in late summer or early fall 2020.

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