Pre Consultation Application
The Pre Consultation Application can start the process of making changes to your property.  Staff will provide information about feasiblity and required next steps.
 Minor Variance
Use our Minor Variance Application if you need to make small changes to zoning requirements. It applies when there is a need for a building to exceed height or size requirements, or to be closer to a property line.
Official Plan Amendment 

Please complete a Development Inquiry Form to direct your inquiry to the Planning Department.

Road and Entrance Permits
 Find the road and entrance permits you need, including:
  • Entrance permits
  • Road cut permits
  • Road occupancy permits
  • 911 sign permit
  • Temporary road closure
  • Close a municipal road allowance
Use our Consent Application if you need to modify a single lot. A consent application, or a severance, may create a new lot, an addition to an existing lot or a right to use part of a lot.
 Site Plans

Site plans ensure that development proceeds as approved and to minimize impacts. It is a detailed plan of development that shows the location of buildings, services, driveways, walkways, parking, landscaping and how these relate to the surrounding uses.  Contact us to book an appointment to discuss the requirements of your site plan. 


Review the Site Plan Application 


Please complete a Development Inquiry Form to direct your inquiry to the Planning Department if you’d like to apply for the creation of lots on a larger piece of property.


Council and citizens can consider the need for your development, the status of water, sewer, roads as well as environmental factors and features.

Zoning Amendment 
 Use our Zoning Amendment Application to apply for site specific changes to your property's zoning.

Questions? Complete our inquiry form to request information from the Planning Department

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