The Municipality of Trent Hills uses a formal Bid and Tender process.

In accordance with the Procurement Policy POL-FIN-010, the Municipality conducts procurement processes that conform to the following principles:

(a)      Compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, by-laws, policies and trade treaties as further set out in Appendix 1 to this Policy;

(b)      Consistency with other Municipal by-laws, policies and procedures;

(c)      Open, fair and transparent procurement that affords equal access to all qualified suppliers;

(d)      Reciprocal non-discrimination and geographic neutrality with respect to Ontario’s trading partners and avoidance of preference for local suppliers;

(e)      Achieving best value for the Municipality for the expenditure of public funds through consideration of the full range of procurement formats and the adoption of commercially reasonable business practices;

(f)       Effective balance between accountability and efficiency; and

(g)      Ensuring adherence to the highest standards of ethical conduct, including compliance with any applicable policies relating to ethics and/or Code of Conduct.

The Municipality frequently purchases goods and services from vendors through our online bid platform. It allows businesses to easily search for open, closed and awarded bid opportunities.

View the current bid opportunities:


Current Bid and Tender Opportunities

 Bid and Tender Results

RFQ PWK FLT 2023-23 High Roof Window Van
RFQ PWK SAN 2023-21 Supply, Deliver, Stockpile Winter Sand

RFQ PWK ARR 2023-20 Asphalt Road Rehabilitation

ITT PWK PLW 2023-17 Park St. & Wellington St. Infrastructure Rehabilitation 
RFP FIN AMP 2023-16 Asset Management Plan

RFQ REC CFE 2023-15 Supply and Install Fence - Crowe Bridge Park

RFQ 23-14 Pavement Markings (with Northumberland County)

RFQ BLD PAL 2023-13 Permit, Application, Inspection Software

RFQ PWK FLT 2023-12 Tandem Plow Truck

RFQ PWK UNC 2023-11 Undercoating and Rust Protection

RFQ PWK CBC 2023-10 Catch Basin Cleaning

RFP ADM NRS 2023-09 Naming Rights and Sponsorship Program

RFP PLN ICA 2023-08 Infrastructure and Capacity Assessment for Future Growth

RFQ PWK BRR 2023-07 Boulevard Removal and Replacement

RFQ PWK SRR 2023-06 Sidewalk Removal and Replacement

RFQ PWK CAL 2023-05 Calcium

RFP ADM ORG 2023-04 Organizational Review

RFQ PWK GCS 2023-03 Gravel Crushing 

RFQ PWK SLM 2023-02 Streetlight Maintenance

RFQ PWK FLT 2023-01 Grader 

RFP PLN ATP 2022-29 Active Transportation & Trails Plan


ITT IWW HSC 2022-28 Hastings Second Watermain Crossing

ITT PWK SQR 2022-27 Seymour Quarry Road Infrastructure Improvements

RFQ IWW SBG 2022-25 Warkworth Water Treatment Plant Standby Generator

ITT PWK FLT 2022-24 3 Ton Truck with Plow and Spreader

RFP PWK EVG 2022-21 Engineering Services Various Streets

RFP PLN OPL 2022-22 Official Plan 

RFP IWW SWC 2022-23 Hastings Second Watermain Crossing Contract Admin & Const Insp

RFP PWK RDC 2022-18 Ranney Street Design & Contract Admin

RFP IWW HSR 2022-18 Hastings Standpipe Replacement & Contract Admin

RFP PWK BRR 2022-14 Boulevard Removal and Replacement

RFP PWK SRR 2022-14 Sidewalk Removal and Rehabilitation

RFP PWK RNS 2022-10 Roads Needs Study

RFQ PWK 2022-16 Pavement Markings

RFQ PWK UNC 2022-13 Undercoating

RFP PWK ARR 2022-08 Asphalt Road Rehabilitation

RFQ PWK CBC 2022-09 Catch Basin Cleaning Services

RFP THF FMP 2022-07 Fire Master Plan & Community Risk Assessment

RFQ PWK CAL 2022-06 Calcium Chloride

ITT PWK FLT 2022-03 Tandem Plow Truck

RFP PWK GCS 2022-04 Gravel Crushing

RFP ADM FIL 2022-02 Filing Systems

RFP ADM OFU 2021-18 Main Floor Office Furniture

RFP REC DBC CRWC 2021-15 Design Build Campbellford Recreation & Wellness Centre 

RFQ PWK SWE 2022-01 Sweeper

 ITT REC SPR CRWC 2021-16, Site Preparation for CRWC

 RFP-THFD-2020-01 Supply and Deliver Fire Pumper - Tanker Truck

 ITT PWK FLT 2021-01 2021 Diesel Powered Tandem Truck

 RFQ PWK GCS 2021-01 Crushing and Stockpiling

 PW 2021-01 Surface Treatment Application 

 RFQ PWK CAL 2021-02 Calcium Chloride

 RFQ PWK CBC 2021-04 Catch Basin Cleaning Services 

 RFQ PWK UNC 2021-05 Undercoating

 RFP PWK ARR 2021-03 Asphalt Road Rehabilitation

 RFP PWK SRR 2021-07 Sidewalk Rehabilitation and Replacement

 RFQ THF FLT 2021-10 Three Quarter Ton Truck

 RFP REC PMC 2021-11 Project Management Consulting Campbellford Wellness Centre

 ITT PWK TRE 2021-06 Trent St. Rehabilitation

 RFQ BLD FLT 2021-09 Half Ton Trucks

 RFP PLN PDR 2021-13 Planning and Development Process Review

 RFQ ADM REN 2021-14 Municipal Office Renovation Main Floor






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