The Municipality of Trent Hills uses a formal Bid and Tender process.

In accordance with the Procurement Policy POL-FIN-010, the Municipality conducts procurement processes that conform to the following principles:

(a)      Compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, by-laws, policies and trade treaties as further set out in Appendix 1 to this Policy;

(b)      Consistency with other Municipal by-laws, policies and procedures;

(c)      Open, fair and transparent procurement that affords equal access to all qualified suppliers;

(d)      Reciprocal non-discrimination and geographic neutrality with respect to Ontario’s trading partners and avoidance of preference for local suppliers;

(e)      Achieving best value for the Municipality for the expenditure of public funds through consideration of the full range of procurement formats and the adoption of commercially reasonable business practices;

(f)       Effective balance between accountability and efficiency; and

(g)      Ensuring adherence to the highest standards of ethical conduct, including compliance with any applicable policies relating to ethics and/or Code of Conduct.


Current Bid and Tender Opportunities

 Bid and Tender Results

 RFP-THFD-2020-01 Supply and Deliver Fire Pumper - Tanker Truck

 ITT PWK FLT 2021-01 2021 Diesel Powered Tandem Truck

 RFQ PWK GCS 2021-01 Crushing and Stockpiling

 PW 2021-01 Surface Treatment Application 

 RFQ PWK CAL 2021-02 Calcium Chloride

 RFQ PWK CBC 2021-04 Catch Basin Cleaning Services 

 RFQ PWK UNC 2021-05 Undercoating

 RFP PWK ARR 2021-03 Asphalt Road Rehabilitation

 RFP PWK SRR 2021-07 Sidewalk Rehabilitation and Replacement

 RFQ THF FLT 2021-10 Three Quarter Ton Truck

 RFP REC PMC 2021-11 Project Management Consulting Campbellford Wellness Centre

 ITT PWK TRE 2021-06 Trent St. Rehabilitation

 RFQ BLD FLT 2021-09 Half Ton Trucks

 RFP PLN PDR 2021-13 Planning and Development Process Review

 RFQ ADM REN 2021-14 Municipal Office Renovation Main Floor



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