Discover heritage and culture societies, committees and places in the Municipality of Trent Hills. 

Take a walking/driving tour using our Heritage Brochures in Hastings, Campbellford, Warkworth and Seymour to see some wonderful examples of local architecture.

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Heritage designations

Learn about heritage designation in Trent Hills. See the recognized heritage properties in your area.

Listed Heritage Registry

See below for a full list of the properties that Trent Hills believe are of heritage and cultural value in your community. Listed properties do not have the same protections as properties designated by by-laws, but owners must still notify Council and Staff if they wish to make alterations to their property, especially any heritage properties. Next time you are driving around look out for one of these properties in your neighbourhood!

 Due to recent changes to the Ontario Heritage Act, this list is now publically accessible for anyone to peruse through. If you are the owner of one of these properties and want to move ahead with designation, please contact the Planning Department/Heritage Committee through via email at

If you feel your property has been added to the list in error, please contact Changes to the Ontario Heritage Act mean that any property listed before January 1st, 2023 will be automatically removed from the list on January 1st, 2025. As such, any property owners who feel their property is incorrectly listed as heritage can remove their property from the listed register early.

Listed Heritage Properties

Designated Heritage Registry

Below is the index of all the designated properties in the Municipality of Trent Hills. Take a sightseeing tour to visit them all and learn about the history of your community. The page number in the index refer to our catalogue of designated heritage properties throughout the municipality, which will be released in the upcoming weeks. Learn about the history, culture, and architecture of some of the buildings that make up the built fabric of Trent Hills!

Designated Heritage Registry Index

Trent Hills Heritage Advisory Committee

The Trent Hills Heritage Advisory Committee helps protect heritage properties in Trent Hills. The committee helps to conserve and protect heritage properties within the municipality, under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Campbellford and Seymour Heritage Society

The Campbellford and Seymour Heritage Society consists of volunteers who work to preserve local history.

Hastings Historical Society

The Hastings Historical Society preserves historical information for the village of Hastings. This includes government documents, newspaper articles and property records.  The history of the Percy Portage is a significant local story.   

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