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Water Quality

If you have any concerns or questions about your water quality in the Municipality of Trent Hills, please call us at 705-653-1900, or 705-653-2610 after hours.

Water Samples

You can pick up a water test kit and drop off a water sample at Rx Guardian Drugmart located at 16 Grand Road, Campbellford.

The HKPR Health Unit provides this service and has more information on their website.

Drinking Water Quality Management Standard (DWQMS)

We are dedicated to providing reliable, safe drinking water to the communities of Campbellford, Hastings and Warkworth.

Our Public Works Water Division provides an effective water system that followings Ontario Drinking Water Protection Regulations. They work to improve our Drinking Water Quality Management System and ensure a safe water supply while following the Provincial regulations.

Please see the following for more information:


View the Campbellford Drinking Water System's annual reports and permit:


View the Hastings Drinking Water System's annual reports and permit:


View the Warkworth Drinking Water System's annual reports and permit:

Wastewater Annual Reports

View our Drinking Water System Compliance Inspection Reports for 2023 to 2024:

Regulatory compliance inspections

Environmental Officers of Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks conduct inspections each year for the water systems of:

  • Campbellford
  • Hastings
  • Warkworth

The inspections include physically examining the facility and reviewing its data related to conditions, including:

  • O. Reg. 170/03;
  • Drinking Water Works Permits;
  • Municipal Drinking Water License;
  • Permit to Take Water; and
  • Other related regulations.

They review sampling records, operations and maintenance manuals, operator certification and training, process drawings, contingency plans, operational protocols and procedures, log book entries, water quality notices and all data collection records.

We conduct a Leak Detection Audit on all our municipal water systems bi-annually.

Signs of a system leak could include:

  • the ground is wet and soft near a water main
  • water is pooling
  • water is visibly leaking from the ground
  • waterline entering into a residence or business

We conduct the test more often if a system is known to have had a leak.

Please let us know

If you see signs of a water leak, please email us or call 705- 653-1900, or 705-653-2610 after hours.

Make sure that fire hydrants are always visible and accessible. Hiding or painting a hydrant is not permitted. For everyone's safety during the winter months, please make sure that you keep the area surrounding the hydrant free of snow and ice.

If a fire hydrant is covered, we ask that you:

  • Uncover the top of the hydrant so that it can be located easily in an emergency; or
  • Call to let us know at 705-653-1900

With over 300 hydrants in Trent Hills, we value your help in keeping them clear of snow and ice and ensuring our community's safety.

Hydrant flushing

We flush water from our fire hydrants semi-annually. During our flushing operations in April and October, you may have discoloured water. Please refrain from doing laundry or using hot water until your water clears. Our staff make every effort to keep to the set schedule. We appreciate your co-operation.

Our water sampling program includes all mandatory sampling as per provincial regulations. Water testing and monitoring is completed on a continuous basis at our water treatment plants with online sampling instruments. Operations staff complete all other testing and monitoring on a daily or weekly basis.

We complete microbiological sampling weekly with random samples collected throughout the distribution system as well as samples collected from the water treatment plant. We continuously monitor chlorine levels at our water treatment plants and storage reservoirs and collect weekly samples throughout the distribution system.

Land Acknowledgement

We recognize the traditional keepers of this land and, specifically our neighbours of the Alderville First Nation, with a formal territorial acknowledgement.

Welcome to the Gunshot Treaty Lands of 1788. It is on these lands and on the shores of the big lake, the Mississauga Anishinabeg met with the Crown to facilitate the opening of these lands for

Let us be reminded of the responsibility we all have in making sure that we respect these lands and waters that give us life and sustain our livelihoods.

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