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Building Permits

Apply for a building permit before you start your next project in the Municipality of Trent Hills. Building permits allow you to build, add to or renovate a building. They ensure everyone's safety and that your project follows our by-laws and the Ontario Building Code.

Apply for a building permit

Complete a Permit to Construct or Demolish Application to apply. A Septic Permit Application might also be required if you're installing, replacing or repairing a septic system.  Use the Building Application Checklist to ensure that you follow all the steps and have a complete application for review

It is a violation under the Building Code Act to build without a permit.

You must get a permit if you are:

  • Constructing any new building or structure
  • Demolishing part or all of a building
  • Extension or repairing a building
  • Fire Protection
  • HVAC - New or Alterations
  • Installing new or alterations to plumbing
  • Installing solid fuel burning appliance (ie: fireplace or woodstove)
  • Installing solar panels or wind turbines
  • Making material alterations
  • Renovating or converting an existing building
  • Septic - New or Repairs
  • Sign Installation
  • Swimming pool installation 

You don't need a building permit for the following:

  • Erecting a fence
  • Fixing a roof without any structural work
  • Installing eavestroughs, if drainage is contained on your property
  • Installing siding on small residential buildings
  • Painting or decorating, including interior finishes
  • Reinstalling kitchen or bathroom cupboards without plumbing
  • Replacing an existing door or window - if same size and location

Land Acknowledgement

We recognize the traditional keepers of this land and, specifically our neighbours of the Alderville First Nation, with a formal territorial acknowledgement.

Welcome to the Gunshot Treaty Lands of 1788. It is on these lands and on the shores of the big lake, the Mississauga Anishinabeg met with the Crown to facilitate the opening of these lands for

Let us be reminded of the responsibility we all have in making sure that we respect these lands and waters that give us life and sustain our livelihoods.

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