The Municipality of Trent Hills has drinking water and wastewater systems in the communities of Campbellford, Hastings and Warkworth.  Water and wastewater systems maintain our water quality and ensure the well-being of the community.

If you have any concerns or questions, please call us at 705-653-1900, or 705-653-2610 after hours.

Water and Wastewater Information

Mailing Address Change for Water/Sewer Accounts
To update the mailing address for your Water/Sewer Account, please complete the Online Address Change Form.

2023 Water and Wastewater Rates

2022 Water and Wastewater Rates

2021 Water and Wastewater Rates

2020 Water and Wastewater Rates

2019 Water Rates

2019 Sewer Rates 

2018 Water Rates

2018 Sewer Rates


2024 Draft Water and Wastewater Budget at November 28, 2023

Submit Comments on the 2024 Draft Water and Wastewater Budget


2023 Water and Wastewater Budget

2022 Water and Wastewater Budget

2021 Water and Wastewater Budget

2020 Water and Wastewater Budget

2019 Water and Wastewater Budget

2018 Water and Wastewater Budget

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Water and Wastewater Rate Study
Water and Wastewater Rate Study-January 8, 2020

e-Billing is when you receive an electronic version of your bill instead of a paper bill. Your e-Bill includes the exact same information as your paper bill, and can be viewed or downloaded in a PDF format.

e-Billing has many convenient features and benefits:

  • You receive an email notification containing an attachment of your bill.
  • You are able to see your bill faster than if it were sent via regular mail.
  • You can save or print a PDF version of your bill.
  • You are reducing clutter and paper waste.

Enrol in e-Billing

 Payment Options

  Pre-Authorized Payments

The Municipality of Trent Hills offers a Pre-Authorized Payment Plan for payment of water and sewer.

Amounts due are withdrawn on the billing due date.

Internet/Telephone Banking

Internet and Telephone Banking are available through most major financial institutions.

For water/sewer payments, search for the payee name containing "Trent Hills" and then select "water/sewer".

Your account number is the same as the account number that appears on your Water/Sewer Bill and must be 11 characters in length with no spaces or dots.

Financial Institutions
Water/Sewer Bill payments can be made at most financial institutions having payment arrangements with the Municipality of Trent Hills.
In Person

You can pay your Water/Sewer bill in person at the Municipal Office at 66 Front St. South, Campbellford.

  • Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Cash, cheque or debit card (interac) are available. Credit cards are not accepted.

A secure after hours drop box is located at the main door of the Municipal Office for your convenience.


Send cheques and your payment stub to:

Municipality of Trent Hills

PO Box 1030

Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0


The Water and Wastewater Connection Charges are adjusted annually on the 1st of January each year by the Statistics Canada Quarterly Construction Price Index, Non-Residential construction.  Please contact our office to confirm the current Connection Charges

Water and Wastewater Connection Charges By-law

If you would like to connect to the municipal water and/or wastewater system, please contact our office for more information.

Bulk Water Dispensing Stations

The Municipality of Trent Hills has two automated Potable Bulk Water Dispensing Stations at the following locations:

  • Campbellford Water Treatment Plant – 46 Saskatoon Ave
  • Hastings Water Treatment Plant – 188 Front St W (*see note below)

These are automated turn-key dispensing stations suitable for delivering potable water to trucks/containers. 

As part of a web based system utilizing a unique Access Code and PIN, you manage your account from your office, smart phone or any web based computer or tablet.  Once you have set up your account and it is activated, you will purchase water online using debit or credit and have access to the bulk water stations 24/7, unless otherwise posted.

Access the Bulk Water Account Portal

Access a Customer Manual

Your customer profile will require an email address as the main contact.  You will create at least one unique truck Access Code and PIN.

Please note that when you complete a transaction to add money to your account to purchase bulk water, it could take up to one hour for it to be registered with each of the Bulk Water Stations.  

*Hastings Water Treatment Plant

In order to access this Bulk Water Dispensing Station, you must have a key for entry to a locked gate.  Keys are available at the Municipal office located at 66 Front St. S., Campbellford, Ontario Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.  There is a $25.00 refundable deposit fee.

Important Usage Information

The Bulk Water Dispensing Stations have a 3” female cam lock fitting connection.

If your equipment has a 2” female cam lock fitting connection, a hose length of approximately 3-4 meters, with a 2” reducer, is available at each station.

The fully automated system dispenses a high volume of water over a short amount of time and is to be used for supply of large quantities of water.  Attempting to fill tanks or containers less than 1,000 litres in size is not permitted as it may result in overflow, possible damage to equipment and customer injury.

Due to the possibility of contamination at the outlet port by other haulers’ equipment (ie hose attachment, etc.), please use the Bulk Water Dispensing Station at your own risk.


2023 Bulk Water Charge is $3.59 per cubic meter (M³)

1 M³ = 220 Imperial Gallons

1 M³ = 1,000 Litres


2022 Bulk Water Charge is $3.48 per cubic meter (M³)

1 M³ = 220 Imperial Gallons

1 M³ = 1,000 Litres


2021 Bulk Water Charge is $3.30 per cubic meter (M3).

1 M3 = 220 Imperial Gallons

1 M3 = 1,000 Litres


For questions regarding account set up after referencing the Customer Manual, please email staff or contact the Municipal Office at 705-653-1900 extension 231 

For technical/mechanical inquiries at the Bulk Water Dispensing Stations, call 705-653-2610

Drinking Water Financial Plans

Trent Hills Drinking Water Financial Plan 2020

 Annual Reports

Drinking Water Systems Annual Reports

Campbellford Wastewater Treatment Facility Annual Report 2022

Hastings Wastewater Treatment Facility Annual Report 2022

Warkworth Lagoon Annual Report 2022



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